We are Walsall North Scout District, with over 320 adult volunteers and over 600 youth members aged 6 to 25 across 14 Groups.   Our Groups and District prepare young people with skills for life!

Every year the Groups go on camps and do lots of adventures and awesome Scouting activities, this year alone we have members traveling to Ireland, America and across the UK on adventure camps.  

We provide opportunities and memories of a life time while at the same time our members make friends and conquer fears together, building on their strengths and weaknesses working as a team all from the age of 6!

Ever thought you'd see your 8-year-old use a saw and light a fire?


Ever thought your 6-year-old could save someone's life by knowing the skills of First Response and CPR?


Ever thought your 12-year-old could plan their own camp create a shopping list, do the shopping and set up their own camp? 


Ever thought your 16-year-old could teach all of the above to the Beavers Cubs and Scouts? 


Ever thought your child could one day be president? or even run one of the biggest Tech companies in the world? Be a pilot?  And most important be the best that they can be!  


Well, all this happens within Scouts!


And adults can join in the fun to and support all this happening, we need YOU! so why don’t you join as well?


So why not get in touch to join the adventure by emailing:

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